Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Odd Shit

First, another long, long dream I had:
First it seemed normal, but then I found that everyone around me was living in a building with me, and we were all able to talk about our most personal shit like it was nothing. The first hint was when an old friend of mine flashed her junk at the rest of us and started up a conversation about plastic surgery. Eventually we all migrated to a sort of high school where we all had projects to work on, and I was bounced from team to team and eventually had to make a car with a machine gun on it. The gun accidentally went off and I almost died jumping in the way for someone else from my team. Another odd thing (which lead to the second part of the dream) was that right after the accident, people went to the third floor of this school and jumped off, into a pool that was really far away from the building. The dream's setting changed after that into another group of people near a pool that was far down, and after jumping off twice I found that I was myself again (I don't know who I was in the school part of the dream, but it didn't feel like myself during conversation, only in action).

My mother and brother, Willie, were heading with me to Mexico for some reason, except when I saw the buildings around me it was more like Japan. For some reason, I knew that in this story I lived in Texas, but not why we were heading to Mexico/Japan. Instead of landing, we were tossed off the plane with parachutes but mine didn't come all the way undone and I almost died, but it got caught on a small building's roof and I was able to rip myself out of my harness with ease. I then knew that, in this dream, I was basically myself with all the powers Superman has. I chalk this up to the Smallville I've been watching, so it's not like this came outta nowhere. Anyway, I met up with Mom and Willie, but was told that we were just getting ready for a meal with Kendall, my oldest brother. I decided to leave, instead, and began running at super speed towards my home in Texas. On the way, I stopped some assholes from blocking the walkway in a store so they could chat up some uninterested girls. Eventually I began flying, but not before people started looking into who the fuck is running around Mexico/Japan with super speed. The news said they were sure it was someone from the USA with powers, but never caught me. I left the dream and woke up while returning to Mexico/Japan, destroying buildings for no reason other than the fact that I could.

In other non-dream news, I just watched the latest Onision video, and it was fucking weird. I wonder if he'll continue making shit like this or make another regular video next.

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