Sunday, January 30, 2011

Odd dream and Oblivion

So I just woke up, and the dream I had was really odd. First I was me, doing some shit in a school I've never been to before, then I was in a regular Picket Fence family of Mother, Father, Older Sister and Me, and we were off to see Grandma in Montana (worth noting: I don't have a loving grandma or relatives in Montana). After finding out that Cory, a friend of mine, was at our current rest stop because there was a waterpark/rock concert playing and he got a ticket. Right after he got in line I changed into myself as the father, watching my son ad daughter both try and leave. When I tried to stop my daughter from running off with a burly biker that came out of FUCKING NOWHERE, I was the son again. Back to being the father, I was then running home to get something that, while not revealed to me the sleeping Phil, was of grave importance to me the Dad. A cop was there, along with other police officers searching my home for something, and I tries to run away. He and I made it into a race of sorts and it lead to a school gym (worth noting: I've never bee to this gym but me the Dad had remarked that the "place had changed since (he) was last here." There, the cop and I both tries to shoot a ball through a hole in a wall as if it was a basketball hoop. A Mexican guy said it was his turn and that if I didn't let him try he'd stab me, but I responded that he didn't race all the fucking way here and to go ahead ad try. The Mexican backed off ad now it wasn't a hole in the wall but a Mario level that I had also never see before. I ra through as quickly as possible but the cop got to the end first. Still in the Mario game, I tried to run from the cop's boss, but he caught me. And right when the pixel police chief caught me the pixel dad, I woke up.

Also, I played some Oblivion last night, trying to make a character much like Peter from Burden. Odd thing though, I put Sneak as one of my core skills and found that you ca level it by walking into a wall in a room where there are people around but not looking at you. The best place was the Merchant Inn in the main city's Merchant Quarter (is it Quarter? I forgot) because the guy who owns the Inn won't follow you around and the people that show up at night to eat won't do up the staircase. So I proceeded to walk into the wall away from the door into the second floor ad leveled all the way up to level 10 by getting my Sneak to 100. So if anyone wants to know the (while slow) easy way to get sneak up to 100, do this: go to a room aywhere with people nearby, walk into a wall while crouched and hidden and you will level your skill; I did this in the Inn because you have to sleep every ten sneak levels to level your character and the Inn won't charge you more than once if you don't leave the building. Word of warning though: you should take the difficulty down in the Gameplay menu because level 10 monsters will rape your character to death (and no, lowering the difficulty doesn't affect achievements).

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Other non-Burden Things

So I just spent a couple hours playing Halo: Reach because I still suck and thought making a Youtube video montage of my being killed and t-bagged (sometimes by teammates) but found out I can't download anything from Fileshare onto my computer without paying extra money I don't have, so all I got is the ability to watch my videos on my 360. Shit's retarded.

Also, my mom's boyfriend got two new pets a couple days ago, these fucking lizards that just sit around and sleep all day. I was told that when they mate, people will sped anywhere from twenty to ninety bucks for one baby lizard. Sounds lucrative.

In other cool news, apparently I can get money for people following my blog and clicking the ads on the page, which would be helpful if I want to get the goddamn Bungie Pro crap that lets me watch movies I MADE but on the computer.

Thanks for reading. This site is actually going to be linked from the Burden Logs too so anyone there can follow the blog here and anyone here can check out the site. Link for the Burden site is below:

Friday, January 28, 2011

First of many posts (maybe; let's bet against my laziness for once).

So I made a site on (link below) called Burden, something that will hopefully become a comic book series following the early life of a young mage named Mason as he tries to let go of his amazing powers and become a paladin, all while knowing that the most powerful necromancer alive named Mason as his successor. But the updates on that site will be on a page called the Burden Logs, and this site is more personal than that. Let's get started, shall we?

I just finished this week's work in my online class, writing a response to a question about the play Othello, the Moor of Venice. With this I am free to work on whatever I please until Monday, but one of my classes will require a presentation related to current events and political science as a whole. It's down to two choices: questioning the Second Amendment's legitimacy centuries after it was written because gun technology is more advanced now OR talking about how the media uses shootings as political ammo against something they hate like video games or other political parties, forgetting about the victims that were FUCKING MURDERED! Odd, huh? Maybe the second one is that I should run with.

Also, I watched the latest episodes of Being Human and The Cape along with Episode 1 of Face Off. So far it looks like a good season, and Survivor: Redemption Island is just around the corner.

Anyone else excited for the coming weeks like I am?