Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shit Lately

So Monday (still today-ish but not really) was suck. Here's why:

First I got to my Political Science class and was FUCKING READY for my goddamn presentation, which is all about getting an article and relating it to the class. So I found an article about gun laws and how they need to be changed. Then I threw down an awesome timeline showing that the 2nd amendment, which is really written as a law for militias keeping their guns, was put into effect over 40 years before the first gun with more than one bullet per round, the Colt Revolver, was invented. And then I drop other dates and guns. 1862- Gatling Gun. 1954- Uzi. Shit was well-thought out and everything. I even threw in a Bill Maher video about the Tucson shooting compared to the 2nd amendment and it got everyone laughing.


So that's bad enough, but I also learned that I needed to turn in Quiz 4 for my class, which I didn't do, and it only counts as a partial grade because it's late.

Also, I had a long-ass quiz in Philosophy, all about the half of The Republic that we read (up until the cave metaphor). Six paragraph-log questions and an essay, all done in less that two hours. And I barely made it.

BUT some silver lining showed up in two forms:
1. A sign for graphic design classes, shaped like a Space Invader, made me want to make some retro pixel art in Minecraft, which I did make.
2. I decided that, for my big vampire story, the main female character would be around for longer because she isn't Samantha West, she's Samantha Daly. The family tree leads back to the fictional Daly family, one of the founding groups in Portland that made it more than a pit stop along the road. Her ancestor, Scarlet, was named by parents that made a deal with a demon to let her body be taken over by another demon named Sekhmet, also known as the Scarlet Lady; for the name to be a shitty anagram, her name is Scarlet Daly. Samantha's life is put at risk when she is attacked by members of the Scarlet Children, who wish to learn how to bring the Scarlet Lady back.

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