Saturday, January 29, 2011

Other non-Burden Things

So I just spent a couple hours playing Halo: Reach because I still suck and thought making a Youtube video montage of my being killed and t-bagged (sometimes by teammates) but found out I can't download anything from Fileshare onto my computer without paying extra money I don't have, so all I got is the ability to watch my videos on my 360. Shit's retarded.

Also, my mom's boyfriend got two new pets a couple days ago, these fucking lizards that just sit around and sleep all day. I was told that when they mate, people will sped anywhere from twenty to ninety bucks for one baby lizard. Sounds lucrative.

In other cool news, apparently I can get money for people following my blog and clicking the ads on the page, which would be helpful if I want to get the goddamn Bungie Pro crap that lets me watch movies I MADE but on the computer.

Thanks for reading. This site is actually going to be linked from the Burden Logs too so anyone there can follow the blog here and anyone here can check out the site. Link for the Burden site is below:

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